D3ledger Services
D3ledger is a modular framework. You can deploy any or all of these services using D3ledger.
Cutting edge security with fast access to assets

Assets inside D3ledger are protected by industry-leading technology solution backed by Institutional-grade policy controls to ensure safety and authorized access only.

Clients can withdraw assets instantly to any whitelisted address. You can add features like the exchange of assets with other clients or your liquidity partners with no need to withdraw assets from D3Ledger.
Escrow settlement

D3ledger is a secure and fast solution for OTC deals settlement

Zero settlement risk
D3ledger is designed so that both deal legs of a transaction are either executed or canceled together at the same time reducing settlement risk to zero.

Instant execution
Fast settlements allow shorter trade cycle for сlients and new business opportunities for OTC brokers.
Exchange trades settlement
Your clients will be able to buy and sell digital assets on exchanges connected to D3ledger

If you have an active partnership with the external exchanges, your clients will be able to trade in a more fast and secure way.

  • Atomic swap makes it possible to do instant exchanges inside D3ledger making transactions faster and cheaper.
  • Risks associated with depositing assets on an exchange are eliminated.

Token generation
You can build a technical platform for the issuance of asset-backed tokens on D3ledger

  • Issuance: your clients will be able to create tokens in D3ledger blockchain environment.
  • D3ledger supports safekeeping, transfers, and exchange of tokens.
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