D3ledger Services
Cutting edge security without the inconvenience of cold storage
or the need to trust custodians.

• Two-way peg: your assets are frozen in the originating blockchain as long as they are stored within D3ledger.
• Multisignature: assets in the originating blockchains are protected by several private keys issued to D3ledger validators. The validators release assets out of D3ledger only if they receive a withdrawal order signed by the investor.
• Your assets are protected with two-factor authentication.
• If your private key is stolen or lost, you can restore access to your funds using our key recovery service.
We offer the technical platform for the issuance of asset-backed tokens.

  • Issuance: our clients can create tokens in D3ledger blockchain environment.
  • We support safekeeping, transfers, and exchange of your tokens.

OTC market
Clients can transfer or exchange digital assets traded on an OTC market using internal transactions in D3ledger.

  • The atomic swap provides guaranteed exchange of digital assets on an agreed price.
  • OTC brokers can settle trades directly in D3ledger minimizing the risk of exposure of client funds.
Fast Exchange
Our clients can buy and sell digital assets on exchanges connected to D3ledger.

If the funds of both clients are deposited in D3ledger, a partnering exchange can make the operation in a fast and secure way.
  • Atomic swap makes it possible to do instant exchanges inside D3ledger.
  • Risks associated with depositing your assets on an exchange are eliminated.

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