Become your own crypto custodian
Leverage our decentralized network of cold storage partners
to ensure maximum security
What We Offer
Trade and store digital assets how traditional securities are today: quickly, precisely, and securely.

Be a part of blockchain revolution without too much trouble
Regulatory agencies are establishing clarity for institutional investment in crypto currencies and are paving the runway for the transition to digital assets. Prepare for both with seamless integration and minimal effort.

D3Ledger solves all of the technological hurdles for you with the intuitive design and customer service required for markets that never sleep. Rest assured knowing transactions settle predictably and reliably, regardless of jurisdictions, blockchain, or time of day.
All-in one crypto compliance solution
Let D3Ledger's decentralized approach take the reputational risk for you.

• Identification of all crypto user accounts
• System-level enforcement of regulatory rules
• Well-founded and enforceable legal basis in all relevant jurisdictions
• Clear and transparent governance arrangements
• Comprehensive framework for legal and operational risk management
• Policies, procedures, and agile system settings to ensure regulatory compliance
Cost savings thanks to our white-label crypto custodian service
Our white-labeled solution precludes the need to recreate the wheel:

• Simple and quick implementation
• Intuitive and powerful end user interface with simple reference manuals
• Standardized procedures across market participants ensure interoperability and widespread adoption of protocols

Our Solution is Free for Your Clients
D3ledger has zero commission policy for end users.
Free assets transfers into our custody
Free safekeeping service for personal investors
No exchange fees