Institutional Grade Safekeeping
for Digital Assets
Safely store and trade digital assets
with a decentralized approach to security
How it works
D3ledger is a global distributed platform that provides standardized post-trade infrastructure for restorable and secure ownership, safekeeping, cross-border settlements, and title transfer of blockchain-based digital assets.

As compliance and regulatory standards become clear, D3ledger provides the required security, flexibility, and interoperability to allow institutional participation in the global digital asset economy.

D3ledger's framework applies to existing cryptocurrencies as well as assets which can be tokenized in the future, regardless of the blockchain protocol utilized.
Provide your clients with digital assets safekeeping
Why is D3ledger better than existing solutions?
Fully decentralized safekeeping, 24/7 support, and competitive tariff policies make D3ledger the technology partner of choice for institutional investment.

Multi-signatures and smart-contract based account policies ensure ultimate security.
D3ledger interface makes it simple to manage
even the most complex digital asset portfolios

Pains we resolve
Leveraging smart contracts and a decentralized system, D3Ledger provides a powerful governance framework to universalize crypto custody across borders with unprecedented flexibility, speed, and security.
Acquiring, safekeeping, and servicing crypto assets presents multiple hurdles for institutional investors. D3ledger solves them comprehensively.
Existing public blockchains support anonymity and lack integrated tools for investors' rights protection and transparency.
D3ledger creates standardized governance and application of settlement across all blockchains.
Private key
Existing public blockchains support anonymity, lack coherent tools for investors rights protection and transparency. Let us protect your key with intelligent protocols.
Our partners
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Leadership team
D3ledger's CEO and founders have many years of experience deploying technology within traditional financial infrastructure as well as DLT-based ecosystems. They possess a deep understanding of the current needs of institutional investors and market infrastructure.
We believe solving custody and related compliance issues through technology will allow for institutional investment into the digital asset class which will further fuel infrastructure investment and efficiencies for all to benefit from.
Makoto Takemiya

Alexander Yakovlev
Artem Duvanov

Ryu Okada
Ales Zivkovic
Maksim Skorikov
Project Manager

Urs Sauer, Six
Senior Product Development Manager, SIX

Ikkei Matsuda
SORA Adviser
Tsukasa Ojima
SORA Adviser
Rok Šketa
Chief Technology Office, KDD