D3ledger FAQ
What is D3ledger?
D3ledger is a blockchain framework that allows institutions to build post-trade services quickly with the lowest overhead. It is based on Hyperledger Iroha. The framework supports safekeeping, token generation, escrow, and external trades settlement.

Building blocks include distributed ledger to maintain accounts and tokens, token issuance, and two-way links to other blockchains.

The framework was developed by established financial players, including Hyperledger Iroha developer Soramitsu and NSD.
Who is D3ledger for?
D3ledger will be most useful for financial organizations which plan to offer digital asset servicing to their clients but do not want to build the infrastructure from the ground up.

The framework provides building blocks like safekeeping or escrow without confining developers to one UI or platform.
How to get started with D3ledger?
1. Download the source code from our Github repository.
2. Scan through our developer guideline.
What features does D3ledger framework have?
Which assets does D3ledger currently support?
  • BTC, ETH and ERC-20
  • Coming soon: support of XOR token for the Sora project
What types of assets can I tokenize with D3ledger?
Technically, we support any asset types. Please keep in mind possible compliance and regulation issues. As of today, D3ledger does not provide legal or business advice.

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