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How does asset tokenization change the role of custodians? Will the custody risk be reduced or possibly eliminated at all? Let's walk through the benefits and drawbacks of the three digital custody models.
5 June 2019
The new Swiss Federal Council draft on DLT provokes two critical questions. Should anonymous ownership of DLT-based assets be allowed? And why haven't Swiss legislators separated trading from custody functions?
24 April 2019
Participants of crypto-to-fiat and fiat-to-crypto OTC deals are exposed to the significant settlement risk. Luckily, there's a proven solution: DVP. How can we bring DPV to the crypto trades?
6 April 2019
Blockchain platform is a non-core part of the business for a financial organization. Why should a local player invest millions in creating a vertical blockchain solution while not being able to capitalize on it on a global scale?
29 March 2019

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