About D3ledger—2
D3ledger is a digital depository network enabling our partners to issue, store, trade and exchange digital assets
D3ledger Story—2
D3ledger was founded by Soramitsu, a blockchain development company and the main contributor to Hyperldger Iroha framework.
HL Iroha, launched in 2016, is well-suited for financial institutions, so it was only natural for Soramitsu to work with the industry experts and listen to their needs.

At the same time, a growing group of forward-looking CSDs initiated an R&D effort on servicing digital assets in that regulated market.

The work culminated in the well-received paper named "Infrastructure for Crypto-Assets: A Review by Infrastructure Providers".
This paper corresponds well to pilot projects for digital asset trading, settlement, and custody aimed at the local markets, most noticeably by Swiss SIX.

Despite those much-needed steps towards clear regulations and real-world applications one critical piece of infrastructure was missing: a cross-border system.

Soramitsu team decided to close this gap, and so the D3ledger project was started.
Today D3ledger is the first international blockchain depository enabling financial institutions from different countries to issue, store, trade, and exchange digital assets.
D3ledger Network Partners
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CSD, Russia

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Newcent AG
OTC Desk
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